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Swann Wilde - sensual erotic romance author
Genres - male/female; male/male; shapeshifter; paranormal; fantasy

My first sensual m/f romance was published online in ebook format by Extasy Books on August 15, 2013.

Watch out for more ... the first book of my Wolven of the Armak Series will be out soon - titled Jumping the Moon. This is a m/m sensual romance with a shapeshifter/fantasy theme.

 A snake charmer! Who knew snake shifting would lead to hot sex and a chance to save the world!

    Daram is a handsome manhunk, but so shy he’s never made it with a girl. All that changes when he meets Nira and falls under her spell.
Their unusual first encounter, when she helps him orgasm under a table in a public coffee shop, opens Daram up to a whole new world. To his surprise he’s been chosen to save the world from a deadly band of snake shifters, something he can only do by transforming into a snake himself.
And along the way he finds a sex drive and confidence he never knew he had—but will he do what Nira really wants?


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